Creating, editing and deleting banners

Banners can be found under the App Element

  1. Select create a new banner. Enter a title and select the target page app users will be directed to when clicking on the banner. The target can be left blank if you do not which the banner to link to another page within the app.
  2. Once the banner has been created you can upload the image 720px x100px. Accepted formats are PNG or JPG.
  3. To edit or delete pre-existing banners select the drop-down arrow.

Now you can add your banner to a select page under Content by editing the page settings, selecting the desired banner and clicking save.

There is also the option to apply the banner to every page by setting a Global Banner. By default, all subpages are set to have banner as inherit, meaning subpages will have the same banner as the main page. 

To make changes to a specific page within the app and override the global banner, you can change individual page settings. No Banner - enables banners to be explicitly turned off for that page. Through the same option banners can also be uniquely applied to pages.