My app

My app (also known as MyEvent) is for app users to manage their individual app settings. From my app they can view their bookmarked schedule, message inbox, export session notes, manage notification and account settings. Most of these features are only included with the Attendee Connect Element.

My app can be added to the app main menu, and called anything you like. By default it is MyEvent.

From the Core, configure my app:

Page title

The title shown on the my app page. This should be the same as the menu icon title.

Use bookmarks:

This setting controls whether users of your app are able to bookmark pages and sessions within the app. If allowed, they will be able to quickly refer to their bookmarks from my app.

Use notes:

This setting controls whether users are able to take notes on sessions and pages within your app. If enabled app users will be able to export their notes to an email address from my app.

Add Bookmarks to device calendar

This setting will apply a 'add to calendar' prompt when users bookmark a session

Page Header

This is optional and will default to the generic app header (from app appearance) if not set


From the app users point of view:

  • Their bookmarks appear under Bookmarks once they have bookmarked, sessions, fellow attendees, exhibitors or sponsors.
  • Messaging - the users private inbox of one on one messages to other attendees (only included in Attendee Connect Element)
  • Export notes  - if the user has taken notes on sessions they can export to an email address. It is recommended to alert app users of this feature if they wish to keep their notes long term
  • Account settings - for app users to manage their profiles (only included in Attendee Connect Element)
  • Notification settings - if you have added notification categories which are user selectable, app users can change these from here.