Interactive Sessions Overview

Interactive Sessions are a powerful audience engagement tool that allows presenters to interact with their audience and drive conversation through Ask a Question, Voting or chat room style Discussion from their own devices.

Stay in control of the session using the Facilitator Dashboard to preview, moderate, create and push content to user devices and the Display Screen.

Watch the Interactive Sessions Overview video

Step 1. Making Sessions Interactive and pre-polulating questions

Sessions can be enabled under the Interactive Sessions Element in the Core.

To make a session interactive, go to View Sessions and Make Session Interactive or click the symbol. Simply tick which session you'd like to make interactive. Once it is enabled you can click the drop-down arrow next to the session for more options.

These options include:

Display Screen - this shows you the holding screen for the session - how it will look to the audience

Facilitator - this links to the Facilitator Dashboard to run the session

Questions - this allows you to add questions to the session prior to it being Live. Questions can be 'yes/no' 'star rating' or 'multiple choice'. Read more on pre-populating questions for sessions.


Interactive Sessions in the Core


Display Screen


In app session which has interactive sessions enabled

Step 2. Running the session with the Facilitator Dashboard

Sessions can be managed and run via the Control Panel, accessible by tablet, desktop or laptop.The Control Panel includes a link to the Display Screen, which audience will see and a Facilitator Dashboard to manage the session.

The Facilitator Dashboard serves as an overview of the current session. From here, you can activate and utilise any of your session features along with changing the session’s status. For more information on running the session from the Control Panel and Facilitator Dashboard see Facilitator Guides.

Facilitator Dashboard, accessed via the Control Panel

Step 3. Involving the audience

Discussion "Live Discussion"

Live discussion allows app users to view real time chat room within the event app. From the facilitator Dashboard you can post to the discussion as 'moderator' and choose which comments to send to the display screen. App users must login to participate. Read the Facilitator Guide to Live Discussion.

Ask a Question "Submitted Questions"

Ask a question allow app users to submit questions prior to or during the session. These will be shown under Submitted Questions within the Facilitator Dashboard. Read the Facilitator Guide to submitted questions


Voting "Audience Polling"

Audience polling allows you to push questions to app users with real time results. Questions can be Yes/no, Star rating or Multiple choice with custom answers. Results are displayed within app in real time and on the display screen to the whole audience. Questions can be created in the Core prior to the session starting or on the fly from the facilitator panel. Show results based on demographics using profile data within the Core and choose to display as bar graph or pie chart. Read the Facilitator Guide to Audience Polling.

At the event: how to set up and technical requirements

Once you a familiar with using interactive sessions and have practiced using the Facilitator Dashboard, it's time to get set up. Read more about setting up your display screen and facilitator device at the event.