Using the Facilitator Dashboard

The Facilitator Dashboard is the powerhouse for your Interactive Sessions and is the only place to enable, manage and utilise all features.

To access the Facilitator Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Interactive Sessions > Control Panel from the Navigation Menu
  2. Login using Core login details or User Details
  3. Select the relevant event
  4. Select the session you wish to manage

Login via the Control Panel

Each session has its own unique Display Screen and Facilitator Dashboard to manage the session. This ensures concurrent sessions running at the time can have independent Interactive Sessions displayed in each session.

For example, the Display Screen for ‘What Makes a Good Apiary Site?’ will only display content from that session, and content from the ‘The Basics of Honey Testing’ Facilitator Dashboard cannot be shown on this display screen.

Choose your session by opening the relevant Display Screen and Facilitator Dashboard

Facilitator Dashboard


Session Status

The session status controls how the audience can view and interact with the session from their mobile device.

Opening Soon - This session is closed, please check back later
The session will appear as opening soon. Audience members will be unable to view the interactive session.

Accepting Questions - Ask questions you'd like to us to address in the session
The session will appear as accepting questions. Audience members will be able to ask questions and participate in the Live Discussion.

Live - It's go time, join the session and participate
The main state of Interactive Sessions. Use this when ready to ask questions. This option enables all three features and allows audience members to vote on questions.

Results - We're done, check out the results of the session
The session will appear as results only. Audience members will be able to view the results of any questions that were asked through Live Polling but will be unable to comment on the Live Discussion or ask questions.

Finished - It's over, thanks for coming and enjoy the rest of the event
The session will appear as finished. Audience members will be unable to view the interactive session. 

Configure Audience Polling/Live Polling

Audience Polling enables attendees to be surveyed on a number of pre-populated questions. Questions can either be pre-loaded, created on-the-fly, or pulled from Live Discussion and Submitted Questions.

Enable Submitted Questions/Ask a Question

Ask a Question/Submitted Questions allows attendees to submit their own questions to the moderator/speaker to be addressed during a session.

Enable Live Discussion

Live Discussion can be used to create a social feed specific to a session. Comments from this discussion feed can be pushed to display screens and bookmarked. Facilitators can post highlighted messages as a moderator to spark a conversation or pose questions.