Pre-populating interactive session questions

Interactive session questions can be pre-populated before the session starts. There are three types of questions that can be entered into the app; multiple choice, star rating and yes or no

To start adding questions into your interactive session go to View Sessions within the Interactive Sessions Element.

Click the drop-down arrow next to the relevant session and select Questions. If the session is not there, you will need to add it by clicking 'Make a Session Interactive'.

Questions of any length can be entered into the platform, however consideration must be made to the amount of space that is available on both the output screen and users devices. We recommend that questions should be no longer than 250 characters for best display on both the output screen and users devices. 

Multiple choice answers are automatically cropped on the output screen to 10 characters. Answers will however appear in full on the users mobile device. It is important that if your multiple choice questions are longer than 10 characters that you use the short answer placeholder option. This value must be shorter than 10 characters. If the short answer placeholder option field is completed this value will be used instead of the full answer on the display screen.