Posting updates, notifications and deleting comments

Posting comments

Status updates and comments are posted to the Activity Feed. To post a status update simply click Write a new status and enter your status and/or add an image by clicking on the picture icon. Click the symbol located on the right to post. To comment on a status click Reply to Thread located under each thread in the activity feed. Enter your desired message into the designated field and click the icon on the right to post your comment.

Receiving notifications

When a comment or status is made on the activity feed a notification will be automatically sent to the personal notification feed of those involved in the status update or comment. These notifications are not push-notifications. To view and access in-app notifications, users must navigate to the notification tab located under activity feed.

Delete or Report Comments

App users can delete their own comments or report another users comment by tapping on the comment and holding for a second, until the options appear. Admin or Organiser accounts have authority to delete any comment via the app in the same manner or via the Core under preview Activity Feed, selecting the drop-down arrow and delete.