Enabling messaging and managing privacy

Messaging can be found under the Attendee Connect Element.

Allow Messaging

Turn messaging on by selecting 'yes' - allow users to message each other. Name the inbox, and add a page header. If left blank the page header will be the generic header image by default.

The Message Counts by Day tab displays statistics of how many messages have been sent.

Using Messaging

App Users will receive push notifications to their device when a new message is received. The message inbox can be viewed under My Event or the Messaging Page, if added to the Main Menu.

Adding the profile list to the menu, allows App Users to search other attendees and send messages.

Managing App User Permissions and Privacy

Messaging can be turned on or off for individual App Users from their profile. Go to Profiles > View All. Select the profile you wish to edit and under permissions you can change the App Users visibility in the attendee list, contact details and messaging.

It’s possible for App Users to not be visible in the list of attendees, but still receive messages when another attendee scans their badge.

App Users will be presented with privacy settings when first logging into the app, they will also be able to access and edit their privacy settings under their account settings in My App.

If you would rather App Users do not receive this prompt you can turn it off under Project Configuration in the Core.

Adding Features to the Main Menu

To add messaging and the profile list to the App Main Menu read this article