Manually create or delete a profile

As well as being able to bulk import profile from an excel document, you can manually create profiles within the Core.

  1. Select New Profile from the Profile menu, from here, you will be required to fill out the information presented on the form. You must ensure to fill out all required fields. By default, these are the Profile Type, First and Last Name fields. Without this information provided, a profile cannot be created. All other fields are optional. Once the profile has been saved, additional options will appear.
  2. Once a profile has been created, an 'Access Code' and 'Internal Reference' will be uniquely and automatically generated. The 'External Reference' field however will default to ‘not set’, but can be changed by clicking Edit in the Profile settings section located to the right of the page. An 'External Reference' is a string generated outside of the Core. For instance, this could be an employee or staff identification number or even email address. Any of the three aforementioned fields can be used as login requirements for user profiles within an app. Note: The Access Code and Internal Reference cannot be altered.
  3. Permission settings can be edited by clicking Edit located in the Permissions section towards the right side of the screen, located under Profile section. This contains several options relating to how the delegate profile will display within the app:
    Visible in Profile List - This field controls whether the delegate profile will be visible within the app delegate list. Setting this field to No will make the profile not appear.
    Allow Messaging - This field controls whether the profile can receive messages from other app users. Setting this field to No will prevent this profile from receiving messages.
    Show Email Address - This field controls whether the profile’s email address is visible within the app. Setting this field to No hides the address.
    Show Contact Number - This field controls whether the profile’s phone number is visible within the app. Setting this field to No will hide the phone number.

4. To delete a profile, select 'view all' in the profiles menu. From here you can click on the drop down arrow, and delete.