Import profile data

As well as being able to manually create profiles from within the console you are also able to import profiles from a single .xlsx document.

Please note that before you are able to import or create profiles within the console that at least one delegate type must be created. For more information on creating appropriate profile types please see the Creating and Deleting Delegate Type help page.

To begin importing, simply navigate to the Profiles menu and click Import Profiles.

Continue by clicking Import Profiles as seen above to open the import page; shown below.

From here, you need simply click Choose File to upload your desired .xlsx document and begin importing the profile data into the Core.

The data from the file will then appear below the import (see below). In order for the information to import correctly the drop-down boxes should match up with the appropriate fields. The only fields that are required for the import to be successful are First Name, Last Name and Type (referring to profile/delegate type).

Once this is done, click Validate. If the validation is successful and the profiles are ready to be imported, it will report no errors. Click Import, and the profiles will be imported.

If an error is detected, the popup will say that an error has been found in the data, and all effected cells will now be red. Also in the Error Output box below the importer a list of errors will appear (see below).

From here, you need only rectify the incorrectly formatted cells and attempt the upload process again until successful.