Export profile data

The Entegy Core allows for user profile data to be exported in bulk via a .xlsx document. This feature is exceptionally useful for aiding in the creation and/or alteration of an extensive list of profiles by creating a pre-set document formatted to the designated specifications of the user, ready for data-entry and upload.

To begin exporting, simply navigate to the Profiles and click View All. From here, you will be able to see a list of all generated profiles from within your app. Note; if you have not yet set up profiles and or profile types, this list will be empty by default. Towards the right of the page sits an option for Profile Reports & Export (see below).

Continue by clicking Profile Reports & Export as seen above to open the export options page which is shown below.

From within this page you may alter a various set of options to tailor the information that will be presented on the .xlsx document you wish to be exported. As can be seen above, there are a number of different fields which can be toggled via check-boxes. There are also a number of settings which can be altered to control which types of profiles will be shown, the way in which you want profiles to be ordered and a filter to allow only certain profiles created before and/or after a specified date or set thereof. Once you have specified your desired options and filters, simply click Export. This will create a populated .xlsx document for use in Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet softwares. Fields that do not contain information for profiles will be left blank.