Generate badges

Badges can be generated for printing or as individual links.

Generate for printing

To export bades as a bulk pdf for printing either through a professional print house or alternately on a consumer grade printer navigate to the Generate badges, under the Badge Creator in the Core.

The profile filters section allows you to filter the badges that are to be exported. Selecting a value from one of the dropdowns will filter the list to include only profiles whose value matches the selected. The two date picker fields allow you to filter results based on the date that profiles were created within the console - note that updating a profile does not update it's created time. The order by field allows you to control the order of which badges appear in the exported pdf.

The export options section controls the appearance of the exported badges. The Select badge option is the badge template that the user profiles are to be exported using. The bleed setting is used when sending the exported badges to professional printers. If unsure leave this setting as 0. The crop marks setting is also mostly used by professional print houses.

Clicking generate will download the pdf.

Generate individual badge links

The second option to generate badges as links will download an excel spreadsheet of profiles with individual links which can be sent to delegates.

Profile filters and export options

Example of pdf generated badges with crop marks

Example of excel spreadsheet with individual badge links