App Main Menu


The App Main Menu allows you to create menu items for your Content pages and other features to be displayed on your App home screen. You can arrange the order, delete, edit and add custom icons within the Core.

Main Menu can be found under the App Element

To set up your App Menu, select ‘create a new menu item’. Name your menu icon, select an icon and target page.

You can choose to have a ‘coming soon’ page if the content is not ready.

There are several icons to choose from and if you have custom designed icons, these can be added under ‘manage custom icons’. Custom icons should be 171x128px in PNG format.

To edit or delete existing menu items simply click on them.

To reorder or make inactive, click on the arrows and drag and drop, click save when you’re happy with the order.

Default Icons

The default suite of icons provided within the Core can be accessed and downloaded from the following dropbox link. Feel free to use these icons as a starting point for your custom icon designs.

Adding Custom Icons

If you require a more unique icon to be displayed from the menu of your application rather than the more generic icon you can add your own custom designed icons. Read 'Manage Customs Icons' article to learn more.