FAQ page

The frequently asked questions page is a compilation of general questions and answers relating to this event. 

To add a new Question to the FAQ page click the

  • Question: This is text field, add your question here. This field will appear in the app within a list of all the questions stored in the FAQ page.
  • Answer: this is a text field, add the answer to question here. This field will be displayed when the delegate opens the question from within the app. This text box has additional editing options, for an overview of these options read the formatting pages article.

Click save to add the question.

To delete an existing question field click the drop down arrow on the right hand side of the question row, click delete on the drop down list this will present a confirmation dialog, click Delete to confirm changes or Cancel to stop changes.

To edit an existing question, click on the question requiring to be edited. This action will open the edit page view, edit the desired fields then click Save to confirm this edit.

FAQ page in app