Schedule page (Legacy)

The Schedule page provides app users a scheduling of sessions over the lifetime of the event. 

To create a Schedule Page, within the Day panel click Add a Day 

  • Page Filter Bar: this allows app users to search the sessions or events
  • Title: This is a text field that provides a brief description of the Day schedule.
  • Date: This field is used to provide a date parameter for this schedule. Select a date form the calendar drop down menu.

Click Save when the previous fields are populated (Note The fields marked with an asterisks are required fields). This will display the Sessions edit page, click Add a Session to create a new session.

  • Title: This is a text field to provide a brief description of this session.
  • Start Time: Select start time of this session by using the choose time drop down menu.
  • End Time: Select the end time of this session by using the choose time drop down menu.
  • Ask a Question Enabled: turn on to allow user to submit questions prior to the session
  • Copy: This is a text field used to provide a detailed description about this session.

Click Save after the fields are populated, this will display -

  • Attached Speakers: Select the speakers from the list of existing speakers
  • Session Image: This image will be displayed in the page header

Click Save again after these changes are made.

We have recently released a new, powerful Schedule editor. Read more here and request it be turned on for your event.