Points, achievements and leaderboard overview

Enhance your App User’s experience and boost engagement and social interaction by adding gamification into your app.

Points, Achievements and Leaderboard are features of the Attendee Connect element.

Allocating Points

  1. Tick which actions to make active and allocate a number of points. For example points can be earned for actions such as posting or commenting in the activity feed or participating in interactive sessions
  2. The amount of points per action can be predefined and can also be manually given to a user profile at any time

Setting up Achievements

Achievements reward users for performing actions multiple times, and work in conjunction with the point system. For example an app user can earn an achievement by posting 3 status updates in the activity feed, the user will be awarded the usual number of points for each of the 3 statuses plus a bonus number of points for earning the achievement.

  1. To set up achievements you can choose to generate default options which you can then edit or create your own.
  2. When an achievement is unlocked, the app user will be alerted via an automated pop-up notification Users’ achievement progress along with the progress of fellow attendees can be viewed in the in app Leaderboard or their personal profiles.

Grouping App Users

App users can also be split into teams by using the grouping function. Select how you would like to group users and click go. A list will be generated in order of the most points to the least. To learn more about profile types, read Managing Profile Settings