App Settings

App settings allow you to make additional customisations to your event app. Found under the App Element in the Core.


Default icon set: this setting lets you choose which style of icons to use for your App Main Menu. Uploaded - selects from your uploaded custom icons.

Welcome Pop up: If using Pop Up Messages, you can use this setting to enable a welcome pop up which appears on first login/ opening of the app.

Show Visited Status on Exhibitors: shows a green tick if app user has scanned in

Show Visited Status on Sessions: shows a green tick if app user has scanned in

Portal Settings Tab: for portal build apps only.

Terms tab: term settings allow you to specify the text displayed to app users. On viewing this tab you will see the default text. If you wish to change it, simply edit the field required and scroll to the bottom of the page to save.

Content buttons - these terms are used for a variety of content page

  • Leave Feedback: (Legacy) if using old schedule, this appears at the bottom of sessions
  • Ask a question: if this feature is enabled for a session, this will appear at the top of the session page
  • Send a message: when viewing other app users, this options will open private messaging between the users
  • Direct me: for directions page mapShow on map: for map and locations page points of interest

My Event page - also called My App, this is the page where app users can manage their bookmarks, settings and privacy.

  • Export notes: to email users notes to an email address
  • Bookmarks: app users bookmarks
  • Documents: app users saved documents
  • My Schedule to My Delegates: bookmarks of the corresponding pages
  • Account settings: users can view and manage their profile and privacy
  • Notification settings: users can opt in an out of notification categories
  • Log in and Out: click these options will either log the user in or out of the app

Password view: this page appears when user login is required

  • Enter access code: field were users need to enter their access code
  • Welcome to: message displayed to users. the event/project name will default display next to this message. e.g Welcome to EventName
  • Success: displayed upon successful login
  • Welcome: Displayed upon successful login, followed by default user name. e.g Welcome Name
  • Error: for incorrect login entry
  • Forgot your access code?: prompt to get forgotten access code

Dialog buttons: basic prompts displayed in app to assist user navigation

Action bar: these are options displayed on content pages

  • Bookmark: to bookmark a page
  • Notes: to add notes
  • Scanned: if user has scanned into session, exhibitor booth etc
  • Comment: if using activity feed, the comment option allows user to add a comment to the feed from a certain page
  • Feedback: if using feedback forms, allows users to access submission form from page
  • Show map: this option will display floorplan or map if added to a page
  • Filters: to sort sessions
  • All categories: to sort sessions
  • Search bar: if page search is enabled

Session terms: these are applicable to session pages

  • Copy: description of the session
  • Featured speaker: if the session has a featured speaker
  • Speakers: additional speakers
  • Abstracts: displayed if included in the session
  • Sessions: displayed when a session is linked to an abstract page type

Contact terms: these are applicable to page contact fields

Feedback: these are applicable to submission forms

Network: these are applicable to internet connection


  • No data: could be displayed if a link is broken
    no results found: for search
  • Exit portal term: for portal app builds only
  • Session reminder message: if using interactive sessions, this message will display when an interactive session is about to start