Attendee Connect Overview

Engage attendees through networking and gamification. The Attendee Connect Element allows app users to interact through private messages, live activity feeds and gamification. All activity flows into real-time analytics providing engagement insights at your event.

Points, Achievements and Leaderboard

An in-app reward system to supercharge engagement through attendee challenges and prizes. Displays leaderboard on devices or a big screen.

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Learn how to set up Points & Leaderboard


Profile List

Display a Profile list within your app including profile image and customisable information. Attendees can edit their own profiles and privacy settings. From the profile list attendees and can search for others, send one on one messages and view others leaderboard rank.

Learn how to configure the profile list.


Private Messaging

Attendee to attendee private messaging in-app with notifications to alert users of new messages.

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Activity Feed 

The Activity Feed is a great way to encourage app users to interact. App users can post status updates in real-time.

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