Smart Redirects

Smart Redirects allow you to specify user navigation based on profile type or profile field. for example: show single day attendees a different schedule to full event attendees or show different feedback forms for exhibitors vs event attendees.

Before setting up Smart Redirects, you may need to set up your profile types.

Smart redirects can be found under the App Element

To set up a new redirect, click the  symbol and set the redirection rules.

  1. Firstly select the target page you wish to direct to
  2. Choose an action, for example 'when profile type is'
  3. Choose a condition 'equal to' or 'not equal to'. For example 'equal to' profile type 'exhibitor'
  4. Click ‘add’ once you have set the rule
  5. Next select the page which all other traffic will be directed to. 'Else redirect to'. Finally Save

Once the redirect is saved, you can apply it to the page it will redirect from. From the Main Menu, find the page and select your redirect as the target.

Edit or Delete a Smart Redirect

To edit a redirect, simply click on it and then select the symbol when hovering over the rule. Make changes to the rule. Save.
To delete a redirect, select the drop down arrow. If you delete a redirect, make sure you change the target page from the main menu as well.