Setting up submission forms and viewing data

Submission forms are a great way to gather information from App users. For example event feedback or registration for gala dinner.

Submission forms can be found under the App Element.

Forms can be set up for multiple uses with an easy to use drag and drop editor.  Click the reorder symbol to rearrange form fields.

Headings, separators and body copy can be used for formatting and to create sections for input fields.

To Begin click 'Create a new Submission Form', on the right of the page.


Click the to add a new form item.


Input fields can be

  • star rating
  • yes/no answer
  • multiple choice with the ability to take options directly from app content. For example select a favourite speaker/session/exhibitor booth
  • short and long text response
  • upload an image

There are also a number of formatting options to layout a large form including:

  • Heading text
  • Body copy
  • Line separator



Once you have set all your form fields, will find options to configure your form, including

  • Change the form title
  • Allow more than one submission - this lets the same user submit more than once
  • Require login - this means user need to be logged into the app to submit and therefore providing their name with submission.
  • Privacy - user selectable (the app user can choose whether they are anonymous or not), always anonymous (set to anonymous submissions) or linked to profile (no option to be anonymous)
  • forwarded to multiple email addresses instantly - this sends the form submissions to the provided email address as they are submitted.

To edit or delete a form, click the top drop down field on the form.


Data gathered can be viewed within the core by question or by form. It can also be exported as an excel spreadsheet using the drop-down arrow on each form.


Forms can be added to the App Main Menu, Sessions or sent as a Push Notification to app users.

Sending Push Notifications

A push notification can be used to prompt app users to complete forms. Read more about setting up push notifications