Notification categories

Categories can be set up to send notifications to specific app users or groups thereof. For example, you may have different delegates attending your event on different days, so you could have a category for day 1 attendees and day 2 attendees, with different notifications scheduled for each. Categories can also be user selectable meaning they may opt in or out if desired.

Categories which are user selectable can be edited in the app users notification settings.

To set up a category, navigate to the ‘Categories’ tab when in ‘Push Notifications’ feature of the Core. Click the  to create a new category. Give the category a title and choose from options:

User Selectable – If set to ‘Yes’ this means that an app user can opt in or out of a category from their notifications settings within the My App page – these categories are linked to singular profiles. If set to ‘No’; users will be unable to do this and rather than being linked to a profile, these categories will be attributed to a profile type.

User - Enabled by Default - this means the app user can still choose whether to receive the notification, but until they decide to change it, the default option will remain in place.

Once you have setup your categories you will be required to attribute them to a profile type, should the user selectable option be toggled to ‘No’.

To do this, navigate to the ‘Project Configuration’ tab and select ‘Profiles’. From here, click the ‘Type’ dropdown and select ‘Edit Options’. Now select the profile type/s which you want to attribute a category by clicking ‘Edit’ located under the corresponding dropdown. Simply check the box for each category you desire to be linked to a profile type and click ‘Save’.

Once you have categories set up you can select them when setting up your notification, in the Visible To section.