Track App

Once Attendance Tracking has been set up in the CMS, staff can use the Track app to scan attendees into sessions or events from their own mobile device.

To download the Track app

  1. Click here to download the Track app onto a mobile device

To enter access codes into the Track app

  1. Enter the unique Event Code and Session Code (generated from the Core)
  2. Click Login

To scan attendee badges

  1. Tap the Scan button on the home screen and hold the name badge roughly 20cm from your device camera
  2. A green tick will indicate a successful scan
  3. A red cross will indicate an ineligible scan due to a Session Access Rule being in place

To confirm attendee scan status

  1. Click Scans on the top right-hand corner of the mobile screen
  2. Click on Search icon to search attendees
  3. Click Scanned to view attendees already scanned and total number of attendees scanned
  4. Click Remaining to view attendees not yet scanned and total number of attendees not yet scanned
  5. Click on Attendee to View Profile or to manually add or Remove Scan

To Log out

  1. Confirm Sync Status on the bottom left corner is displaying green arrows
  2. Click on Setting on the top left corner
  3. Scroll down settings and click Log Out