Create Session Access Rules

How to create session access rules

You can create session rules to restrict attendee access to particular sessions based on attendee profile types or customisable profile fields.

To setup profile data

Restricting access to a Conference Day or Stream

  1. Create a Profile Type for each conference day or stream you would like to restrict entry

Restricting access to a Conference Session

  1. Create a Customisable Profile Field for each session you would like to restrict entry
  2. Ensure each Customisable Profile Field is set up as Multiple Choice with Yes assigned to those eligible to attend and No for those ineligible to attend.  

To setup session access rules

  1. Navigate to Attendance Tracking > Sessions from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click a Session Name
  3. Click New Rule
  4. Choose the Field or Type
  5. Select the Access Type and Options (If applicable)
  6. Confirm by clicking Save

To confirm session access rule and scanning

  1. Click View Valid Delegates to confirm the rule is correctly setup
  2. When scanning attendees with the Track app a green tick will show for eligible attendees and a red cross will show for ineligible attendees