How can attendees be tracked into sessions?

There are four options for tracking attendees into sessions.

  1. Automated scanning stations - Automated scanning stations can be set up on a tablet device to enable attendees to scan themselves with the Track app when entering a room or from within a room. This avoids the need to have staff scanning attendees.

  2. Attendees scan QR codes with the event App - The QR Scanner feature of the event App allows attendees to scan session QR Codes that are displayed prior to or during a session on a presentation screen or printed board.

  3. Attendee self check in feature in the event App - When attendee self check in is enabled, attendees can check themselves into sessions from session pages on the event App

  4. Event staff using the Track app on their mobile device - Staff can download the Track app onto their own mobile device and scan attendees into sessions or events.