Create a Customisable Profile Field

How to create a customisable profile field

Custom fields can be added for extended functionality when it comes to categorising and filtering profiles. Some examples of this are; a field for gala dinner attendance, address, post code or alternate contact number.

To create a profile field

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. Scroll down to Customisable Fields
  3. Click the + button
  4. Enter the Name and Key
    1. Key needs to be unique to the profile field - we recommend you use lowercase and remove spaces from the fieldname
  5. Select the Type for the field from the drop down options:
    1. Short Text - suitable for titles, positions or one line of text
    2. Medium Text - a slightly longer field than short text, suitable for two sentences worth of text
    3. Long Text - used for paragraphs of text for example a speaker bio
    4. Country - will populate a country dropdown
    5. Facebook - a link that will open to a facebook profile
    6. Twitter - a link that will open to a twitter profile
    7. LinkedIn - a link that will open to a linkedin profile
    8. Instagram - a link that will open to a Instagram profile
    9. Website - a website link
    10. Multiple Choice - a multi choice dropdown
  6. Other options;
    1. Required - confirm if you want to make a  field compulsory when running a profile import
    2. User Access - confirm if users can view and edit the field in their App profile page
    3. Profile visibility - confirm whether a user will be able to view the field on another users profile page
  7. Click Save
  8. If a Multiple Choice field type has been selected a new section will appear ‘Selectable Options
    1. Click the + button and add a new option.
      1. Name is the title of the option ie. Yes
      2. Import keywords is extra names that will be matched when importing. ie ‘Y’
      3. Ignore max selections
      4. Price is used for registration form pricing
    2. Click Save to create the field
    3. To set a default field that will be automatically set into every profile
      1. click the dropdown next to the option, then make default