How to Create a Profile Type

How to create a profile type

Segmenting profiles by types allows for more control and flexibility when using Entegy Elements. The Core includes 5 default profile types: staff, speaker, sponsor, exhibitor and attendee.

To create a profile type

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. Next to Type click on the dropdown
  3. Click on Edit Options on the dropdown
  4. Click the + button
  5. Enter in the profile type name and import keywords if applicable.
    1. Import keywords are additional terms to the type name that will be matched when importing
  6. Set permissions - if this profile type is to login to an app ensure App Login is checked.
    1. Organiser allows the user to view all profile information within the app and moderate activity feed comments
  7. Price - this is used with the Registration element to calculate the cost of tickets.
  8. Click Save