Attendance Tracking Overview

Attendance Tracking provides attendee tracking and insights. You can scan from your own mobile device, create self-scanning stations or allow attendees to self check in. This enables immediate records of attendance for everything from safety, catering, CPD to sponsored and mandatory sessions.

Please Note: 'Track. Powered by Entegy' has since been deprecated and replaced by 'Ignite Track'.

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Feature Guides:

Track App The easy-to-use Track app turns staff mobile devices into a badge scanner.
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Track CPD and mandatory sessions
Export tracking data to validate and award CPD points.
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Automated scanning stations Use the existing event schedule in the Core to create automated scanning stations for sessions.
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Session access rules
Create session rules to restrict attendee access to particular sessions based on attendee profile types or fields.
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Attendee self scanning 
Enable attendees to scan session QR Codes with the QR Scanner in the event App.
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Attendee self check in 
Enable attendees to check themselves into sessions from the session pages on the event App.
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Check in information 
Enable attendees to view their scanned status for sessions from the event App.
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Incentivise session attendance
Attendees can earn points and achievements through the Attendee Connect element for attending sessions.
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Live data 
See what sessions and speakers are getting the most attention and which sessions each attendee has attended.
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