Configure Track App Settings

How to configure Track app settings

There are a few settings for the Track app that can be configured from your mobile device.

To enter access codes into the Track app

  1. Enter the unique event code and session access code (generated from the Core)
  2. Click Login

To configure Track App Settings

  1. From the Track app click Settings on the top right hand corner
  2. Select the Scan Type option:
    1. Single Scan - display will return to Tap To Scan screen after each scan
    2. Multiple Scans - display will allow multiple scans before returning  to Tap To Scan screen.  
  3. Select the preferred Camera on the device for scanning
  4. Select how many seconds the camera remains idle before returning to Tap to Scan screen
  5. When selecting  logout any unsynced scans will be lost and you will require your Event Code and session access code to log back in.