Kiosk Hardware Specifications

If you are looking at investing in your own hardware below is a list of Kiosk Hardware Specifications compatible with Kiosk Manager software version 2 or higher. It is recommended that you update to the latest version of Kiosk Manager before using on-site to ensure you have the latest capabilities and support.


Windows Surface Pro is recommended

The gigabyte GB-BXi3 is also an option

Operating System

Windows 10 is required


All monitors need to be touchscreen

1080 x 1920 16 : 9 is recommended [portrait is supported]

Higher resolutions will have scaling problems

Other options -

1280 x 1024 px

1280 x 1024 px

912 x 1368 px -> This is the Surface Pro 3 which is ½ resolution because of the pixel density.


Kiosk now supports most types of printers although printer related error handling will be limited to data the manufacture decides to expose to the native windows api’s.

The Kiosk is currently setup for the use of the manufactures api’s to handle printer errors

  • Epson TM C3500
  • Bixolon SPLTX 420
  • Dymo Labelwriter 450

The kiosk only uses this model printer as error handling e.g. Out of paper, Ink.

And at the moment the kiosk uses the printer's state and will block the ui from interaction if not detected.


Gryphon-GFS4470 [Recommended]

Kiosk now supports most scanners that can be connected through COM ports. However, no other connections will produce a response from the kiosk.

Network connection

Wifi is recommended, although mobile broadband network connection can also be used by the kiosk.