Use the Indesign Capture login template

How to use the Indesign Capture login template

An Indesign template has been created to help you communicate Capture login details to your exhibitors.

Export Exhibitor Access Codes

  1. Navigate to Lead Capture > Exhibitor Access Codes from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Generate Blank Codes from the right hand options on the Configuration Panel to populate codes
  3. Click Export Exhibitor Codes from the right hand options on the Configuration Panel

Import Exhibitor Codes to InDesign

  1. Open the Exhibitor Codes export file and save as a .csv file
  2. Open Capture A4 Login Template in InDesign
  3. Manually update the two <<Event Code>> fields on the master page
  4. Navigate to Window > Utilities > Data Merge
  5. Click the options icon in the Data Merge window
  6. Select Data Source and choose the .csv
  7. Click Open
  8. Select the Create Merged Document icon


  9. Select which pages you wish to generate
  10. Click OK
  11. A window displaying an Overset Text Report will appear. If applicable, make note of pages with overset text
  12. The new merged document will be created in new InDesign tab

Export Exhibitor Access Codes to PDF

  1. Proof each page and, if applicable, ensure all overset text is amended
  2. Navigate to File > Export
  3. Select Adobe PDF (Print) from the drop down
  4. Click Save


Capture A4 Login Template.indd

Capture A4 Login Template.pdf