How can attendees check in to a Kiosk?

There are four check-in options available on the Kiosk. The suitability of each option for your event will be dependant on what information you intend to provide your attendees prior to the event.

You may choose to allow all four check-in options on your kiosk or limit the options to just a few for your event.

To check in on a Kiosk attendees can:

  1. Scan a unique QR Code on their registration ticket/confirmation email
    1. Each attendee is assigned a unique QR Code that is associated with their profile in the Core.
  2. Enter a unique reference code
    1. Each attendee is set up as a Profile in the Core with a unique access code. You can also manage profile settings to import your own unique reference code for each Profile  
  3. Complete a registration form
    1. Kiosks integrate with the Entegy suite Registration element, enabling a registration form to be setup onto a Kiosk
  4. Scan the event QR code using the QR Scanner from the event App
    1. The QR Scanner feature of the event App allows attendees to scan the event QR Code displayed on the Kiosk user display screen

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