How To Setup Track When Using Eventbrite Integration (No Event App)

Create Schedule Page Type

A schedule needs to be setup in the Core before session tracking can be used.

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Create a New Page from the right-hand options on the Configuration Panel
  3. Select Schedule from the list of page types
  4. Click Create
  5. Enter a Title for your exhibitor page type
  6. Click Save

Create schedule days

  1. Click +
  2. Enter a Title and Date for your day
  3. Click Save

Create schedule sessions

Sessions can be imported using a basic template (see below for excel template). This makes uploading large schedules easier.

NOTE: Session times in an excel spreadsheet will need to a text formatted cell, in 24 hour time. E.g. 08:00, 09:00, 10:00 etc. Any other time or cell format will result in an error.

  1. Select Import Sessions from the right-hand options on the Configuration Panel
  2. Choose the file to upload
  3. Ensure all fields match
  4. Click Validate
  5. Click Import

Generate session codes in Track

Unique exhibitor access codes are required for exhibitors to login to the Capture app. Each exhibitor will need to be setup with a content page in the Core before these codes can be generated.

  1. Navigate to Attendance Tracking > Sessions  from the Navigation Panel
  2. Click Generate Blank Codes from the right-hand options on the Configuration Panel

Setup session access rules (optional)

You can create session rules to restrict attendee access to particular sessions based on attendee data.

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Setup tracking session groups (optional)

Automated scanning stations can be set up on a tablet device to enable attendees to scan themselves with the Track app. This avoids the need to have staff scanning attendees.

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Now determine who scans

There are several options for scanning attendees into sessions

  1. Confirm how attendees will be scanned

Staff to scan

  1. Export session codes to send to staff 
  2. Staff to download the Track app 
  3. Communicate to staff how to use the Track app

Attendees to scan

  1. Create QR codes 
  2. Print out codes or insert into presentation slides for scanning
  3. Communicate to attendees how to scan