How to setup Kiosk when using Eventbrite integration (no event app)

Design Kiosk user display

Kiosks can be custom designed to match your event theme or brand.

  1. Download Kiosk Indesign template 
  2. Read the designers guide to Kiosk Design 

Design Badges

Badges need to be created and designed before your event, so they can be printed by the kiosks onsite.

  1. Navigate to Badge Creator > Badge Templates from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click +
  3. Enter a Name and select a size
  4. Click Save
  5. Click on your newly created badge to open the badge creator

To learn more about designing badges, click here.

Confirm requirements

Onsite requirements will need to be finalised early-on to ensure your attendees are provided with access details, onsite staff understand how to use the system and the correct quantity of hardware is ordered.

  1. Confirm how attendees will check in
  2. Confirm attendee flow
  3. Order Kiosk hardware

Communication to attendees

Depending on how Kiosk check-in is set up for your event you may need to communicate some simple instructions to your attendees.

Hardware setup

  1. Configure in Core 
  2. Installation
  3. Configure display screens 
  4. Test 
  5. On-site setup and login

Enable staff to login to the Kiosk Companion

To enable staff to use the Kiosk Companion you will need to setup staff with a Core user profile. A Core user profile is an administrative login to the Core and is not to be confused with an attendee profile. Each Core user profile will require their own unique email address.

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Users from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the + button
  3. Enter a valid email address
  4. Enter a Name, Contact number and Company for this user profile
  5. Enter a Password or leave the field blank for a password to be auto-generated
  6. If you do not wish user to receive an email with login details uncheck Email details to user
  7. Click Save
  8. Check Kiosk Companion from the list of user roles - Manage Kiosks through the Kiosk Companion app  
  9. Click Save

Use the Kiosk Companion

Once your Kiosk has been set up in the Core, staff can be given access to the Kiosk Companion to manage registrations on-site. This includes editing incorrect profile data, re-printing badges, viewing usage statistics and receiving kiosk status messages such as ‘out of paper’.

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