How can exhibitors login to the Capture app

Exhibitors login to the Capture app using their supplied login details or by using an exhibitor code. The most suitable option for your event depends on whether your exhibitors will be pre-registered with profiles in the Core or not.

Login details - For exhibitors who are pre-registered with profiles in the Core

Login details are assigned to all profiles in the Core and are controlled by the Project Login and Authentication Settings. Under these settings login details can be confirmed from the following options:

Access Code - a unique code auto generated by the Core
Email - a unique email address imported to the Core
External reference - a unique code imported to the Core


Manage login and authentication settings 

Exhibitor Code - For exhibitors who have not registered

Exhibitor Codes can be generated in the Lead Capture Element. These codes can be distributed to Exhibitors who do not have profiles in the Core. Upon login exhibitors will be required to complete a Capture registration form.


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