Use the Capture App on Exhibitor Mobile Devices

How to use the Capture app on exhibitor mobile devices

Once Lead Capture has been set up in the Core, exhibitors can use the Capture app to scan attendees and generate leads from their own mobile devices.

Important: Please ‘allow’ camera access when prompted to enable QR scanning.

To download and login

  1. Click here to download the Capture app onto a mobile device


To login to the Capture App

  1. Enter the unique Event Code
  2. Enter either:
    1. Exhibitor Code Enter the Exhibitor Code generated by the Core and be prompted to fill out a Capture Registration form
    2. Attendee Access Code Enter the Attendee Access Code generated by the Core (this is the same code that can be used to access the event App)
  3. Click Login


To scan attendees

  1. Click Scan on the home screen
  2. Hold name badge roughly 20 cm from your device camera
  3. A green tick will indicate a successful scan
  4. Click Continue Scanning or Go to Attendee to complete answers to qualifying questions and notes

To manage leads

  1. Click Leads on the home screen
  2. Select an attendee’s name
  3. Click Notes or update answers to qualifying questions


To sync leads

All scans, notes and qualifying questions completed offline will be saved to your mobile device and synced automatically when you go online. To sync sooner:

  1. Click Sync of the home screen
  2. A green tick will indicate when your leads have been successfully synced

To export leads

  1. Click Export on the home screen
  2. Select leads to export All Leads or My Leads
  3. Select team members to send leads to or add email address
  4. Click Submit


To logout

  1. Click Sync on the home screen to confirm syncs are up to date
  2. Click Manage on the home screen
  3. Click Logout/Change Event