Setup Lead Capture

This guide takes you through the process of setting up Lead Capture for a project in the Core.


1) Create your project

  1. Contact your Entegy Distributor

2) Confirm Profile Requirements

3) Confirm Scan Method

4) Setup Exhibitors

  1. Create exhibitor content pages
  2. Configure qualifying questions
  3. Confirm profile fields for exhibitor exports
  4. Set Capture app branding

5) Load Attendee Profiles

  1. Upload your attendee profile data to the Core
  2. Confirm attendee code scanning

6) Login Method

There are two options for exhibitor login to the Capture app

  1. Confirm how exhibitors login to the app

Personal Login Details

  1. Add team members
  2. Send login details to exhibitors

Exhibitor Access Code

  1. Create registration form
  2. Generate exhibitor access codes to send to exhibitors

7) Communication

  1. What do attendees and exhibitors need to know about Lead Capture? 
  2. Communicate to exhibitors how to use the Capture app

8) Setup Complete - Test