App Store Guidelines

Store Guidelines

In response to recent changes to the Apple App Store guidelines (section 4.2) it is recommended where possible to deploy your event apps via either an Entegy partner event app portal (container app) or the official Ignite Events Launcher.

It is, however, still an option to submit a client branded Standalone or Container App to the client’s own app store. You can read more about this here.

App Store approval of your client’s customised Standalone or Container App is not guaranteed by Entegy and an alternative option/contingency plan (such as use of an existing event app portal) should be discussed.

This document outlines submission guidelines to avoid rejection. Please refer to Apple’s Submissions Guide for comprehensive information.

Review guidelines

All apps submitted to the App Store are reviewed based on a set of technical, content, and design criteria. Make sure to review these updated guidelines and resources before submitting your app

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Product page in iTunes Connect

The App Store on iOS 11 provides opportunities to showcase your content with subtitles, promotional text, additional app previews that you can localize, and up to 20 promoted in-app purchases.

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Suggested Naming Conventions

The following guidelines are recommended for standalone app names and portals to avoid the risk of rejection.

Standalone App Name

It is recommended to use a generic name for event apps. Eg. Use ABC Events not ABC 2018.

Suggested naming conventions for portals/container apps

Submitting several apps that are essentially the same ties up the App Review process and risks the rejection of your apps. The following terms are suggestions for partner event app portals (container app) or a client event app portal to avoid them being seen as the same or “copy cat” apps.

We recommend using either your company name or an alternative brand name:


  • Company name Events
  • Company name Event Portal
  • Please do not use the following terms: Ignite, Entegy, Powered by Entegy, Launcher


  • Company name Lead Retrieval
  • Company name Lead Generator
  • Please do not use the following terms: Ignite, Entegy, Powered by Entegy, Capture


  • Company name Attendee Tracking
  • Company name Attendance Tracking
  • Please do not use the following terms: Ignite, Entegy, Powered by Entegy, Track


Where a portal app is sold it is important to reference in the description “container app” or “portal app” to launch multiple projects or similar terminology.

Common Reasons for Rejection

It’s important to become familiar with Apple’s technical, content, and design criteria used to review all apps. Below are some common reasons for app rejection

  • Description too short or vague, must include description of app’s purpose
  • Doesn’t offer much functionality or content
  • Incomplete content or empty pages
  • Menu items link to ‘coming soon’ message
  • Mentions of other operating systems
  • Official rules for sweepstakes, contests, and raffles not presented in the app or made clear that Apple is not a sponsor or involved in the activity in any manner
  • Promotion or inclusion of betting or gambling
  • Unprofessional design or content
  • Racist or pornographic graphics or content
  • Only applies to, or available to a small niche market