Create a social media page

How to create a social media page

The purpose of the social media page type is to offer a centralised location to display all social media profiles of a particular organisation in an event App. Currently, Twitter (hashtag and official), Facebook, Instagram and Google+ are all supported.


To create a social media content page type

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Create a New Page from the right-hand options on the Configuration Panel
  3. Select Social Media from the list of page types
  4. Add a menu icon (optional)*
  5. Click Create
  6. Enter a Title for your Social Media content page type
  7. Enter each relevant social media account as desired (you will only need to provide the unique id of a profile, not an entire URL)
  8. Click Save

*Add a menu icon step is optional. Icons can also be linked to an App main menu from App Element in the Core

To gather unique social media profile IDs

Twitter Official details can be found on the Twitter page under the account name and profile image. This will need to contain the '@' symbol. E.g. @EntegyAus.


Twitter Hashtag can be found either by clicking on a hashtag or copying the text of the hashtag. This will need to include the '#'. E.g. #eventprofs.


Facebook details can be found on the profile page on the left-hand side underneath the profile name and profile image. This must not include the '@'. E.g. Entegy.


Instagram details can be found on the profile page. This will be the account name not including the '@' and is located next to the 'Follow' button.


Having issues setting up your social media page? Check out these FAQs: