Set Your Capture App Branding

How to set your Capture app branding

The Capture app can be setup to reflect the branding of your event with a highlight colour and project icon. These branding elements are shared across different features as explained below.

To set highlight colour

The highlight colour serves as the main colour for the Capture app. This will pull directly from the event App appearance highlight colour.

  1. Navigate to Lead Capture > Settings from the navigation menu
  2. Navigate to UI Appearance > Highlight Colour
  3. Use the colour picker to update the Highlight Colour
  4. Click Save

Note: If the App element is activated for the event this is the same as the highlight colour from the App appearance. If not activated, a colour will need to be selected.

To set project icon

This icon serves many purposes including representing your event in the Core, Capture app and Interactive Sessions holding screen.

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Project from the navigation panel
  2. Navigate to the Details tab
  3. Click Choose File and select the icon you wish to represent your event
  4. Click Save