App Privacy Options Overview

The privacy of your app, attendee information and App activity depends on the type of event and its attendees. There are three options for app privacy: Private Event, Public Event and Partially Private Event.

Please note: to use any attendee-related app features such as the activity feed or in-app badge, attendees must be logged into the app with a profile.

Private Event

A Private Event status is used when the contents of the app should not be shared with the public. The App will be closed off to the public and only accessible using unique profile login information. For additional privacy, content pages can have passwords set to allow for extra security.

A Private Event status can be setup to use unique profile logins. This method can be used to capture attendee login data and force attendees to log into the app before they can access it. This is useful when relying on an in-app badge, or any Attendee Connect features.

Alternatively, a Private Event can be setup with a Shared Password, rather than profile login. This shared password can be distributed among attendees so they can access the app. This is typically used when there are no profiles, but App content cannot be publicly accessible.

A Private Event can be setup with:

  • Profile Login
  • Shared Password
  • Shared Password and in-app registration form
  • Password protected pages

Public Event

Public Events are those that have no profile data pre-event and do not need to be hidden. Upon downloading the app, all content and information will be accessible with no login details required.

A Public Event status is generally used for events that are open to the public, where attendees can arrive on the day and freely access the event App.

Alternatively, an in-app registration form can be setup to capture attendee details as they begin using the app. Anyone can use the in-app registration form to access the App. If using Attendee Connect or in-app badges, this is the best option for a public event.

A Public Event can be setup with:

  • No profile login
  • In-app registration form

Partially Private Event

A Partially Private Event is a Public Event with some features or pages that are not open to the public.

A Partially Private Event status can be used when attendee engagement features such as the activity feed or messages are an additional feature, while the rest of the App is publically available. For example, these features might only be accessible to registered attendees versus those who arrive on the day. When using this option, be aware that profile login is not forced, and login stats will only reflect those who have logged in, not the full list.

Content pages can also have passwords set to allow for extra privacy.

A Partially Private Event can be setup with:

  • In-app registration form
  • Public content with profile login to access features (optional login)
    • Attendee Connect
    • In-app badges etc
  • Password protected pages

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