App Features

App Features

App features such as push notifications and submission forms can be added to your event to improve engagement and help attendees navigate the app. It is important to think about which features would best suit the event and how they will be used.

MyEvent (My App) 

MyEvent (My App) allows attendees to manage bookmarked content and export notes made in sessions. When using Attendee Connect, attendees can also manage their personal information and privacy settings.


Page banners run across pages in the app to draw attention towards pages, specific content or feedback forms in the App. Page banners are also a great sponsorship opportunity

Submission Forms 

Submission forms are used to collect feedback, create competitions and gather information from attendees. This might be a session feedback form, or somewhere for attendees to register interest for next year’s event.

Ask a Question 

Ask a question allows attendees to submit questions for a speaker prior to a session.

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be used to keep attendees up to date with changes, updates or other important event information. They can be sent to a device like a normal notification would appear on that device, or sent to appear in-app only. Notifications can also be used for sponsorship, but showing off a sponsor in-app. 

Popup Messages 

Popup messages are used to highlight information to attendees as they navigate through the app. For example, they may be used to show sponsored content or app navigation tips throughout the app.

Smart Redirects 

Smart redirects allow targeted content to be shown to attendees based on their profile or device information.

In-app Badge 

In-app badges allow attendees to have a digital version of their attendee badge. Attendees can view their unique QR code from the event App and be scanned by other attendees to connect. In-app badges also integrate with other elements such as Lead Capture, Attendee Connect and Kiosk.

QR Scanner

The QR scanner can be added to the App Main Menu to allow attendees to scan each other's personal QR codes. These QR codes could from a physical badge or an in-app badge on an attendee's device. QR Codes can also be used for self-scanning when using Lead Capture or Attendee Connect and direct attendees to hidden pages in the App when scanned. 

Privacy Settings

Each attendee has their own privacy settings managed through MyEvent (My App). These settings include what pieces of personal information are visible to other attendees and which optional push notification categories an attendee belongs to.