What are the Core image requirements?

Images can be uploaded to the Core to display in the event App. These images have different size specifications, as listed below.  All images can be loaded as either a PNG or JPEG image file type and recommended to have 72 dpi.

Speakers - 405 x 405px

Speaker headshots can be added to speaker profiles. These images appear on the speaker's page in the App, as well as in the schedule when a speaker is attached.

Sponsor / Exhibitor - 750 x 405px

Sponsor and exhibitor logos can be added to the sponsor and exhibitor profiles. These logos will appear on the sponsor or exhibitor page in the App.

Schedule Session Icon - 150 x 150px

Schedule session icons are used to draw attention to a session, keynote or specific speakers. These can either be added per session or as a default icon to be used throughout the schedule.

Page Header - 750 x 405px

Page headers can either be uploaded per page or set as a generic header, which is used throughout the App unless a page header is set on the individual page level.

Page Banner - 720 x 100px

Page banners can be created to draw an attendees attention to something in the App (e.g. feedback form or special event) or can be used as a sponsorship opportunity. Banners can be set as Global and appear throughout the App, Main Menu to only show on the App Main Menu, or set individually per page in the App.

Floorplan - Up to 2048 x 2048px

Floorplan images can be uploaded to help attendees navigate around the venue. They can also be uploaded to show which exhibitor is located where.

Interactive Sessions Holding Screen - 1920 x 1080px

The interactive sessions holding screen is used during the session when the screen is not showing a question, answer or message.

Core Icon - 256 x 256px

The Core icon is used to visually distinguish one project from another in the Core. It is also used to represent the event in the Capture App.