Points and Leaderboard Overview

The points and leaderboard feature is enabled by default when Attendee Connect is activated. This feature can run self-sufficiently on its default settings, however, to increase engagement, it can be easily tailored to an event.

NOTE: Attendees need to be logged into the App to earn points and participate in the leaderboard competition

Points and Achievements Overview

Points are awarded for performing single actions such as posting to the activity feed or viewing a notification. Each action is allocated its own number of points for completing the action.

Achievements encourage attendees to perform actions multiple times and engage further in the App. Working with the point system, achievements are awarded on top of any points for completing the action.

For example, an attendee receives 5 points every time they send a private message, and an achievement worth 500 points is awarded for sending 5 private messages. When an attendee sends the 5 private messages, they are awarded 5 points per message sent plus the 500 points for the achievement, totalling 525 points.


Points are awarded for completing an action once and are enabled by default when the Attendee Connect element is activated. Points will use default point allocations when initially enabled, however, these can be updated to suit the event. For example, an event organiser may wish to encourage attendees to post on the activity feed and awards more points of actions involving the activity feed.

Points are visible on an attendee’s profile page in the profile list and can be viewed by other attendees. When an attendee is set to not visible, they will not appear on the leaderboard, however, they can still view the leaderboard and earn points.


Achievements are awarded for completing an action a number of times. Achievements are not enabled by default, however, a set of default achievements can be created.  These can then be edited, deleted, or new achievements created to better suit the event. 

Achievements are visible on an attendee’s profile page in the profile list and can be viewed by other attendees.

Leaderboard Overview

Points and achievements all feed into the in-app leaderboard where attendees can see each others’ progress, achievement tally and overall ranking. When attendees are visible, they will appear on the leaderboard with the number of points earned.

The leaderboard can also be used as part of a competition to encourage attendees to participate throughout the event and in the App. For example, the attendee with the most points at the end of the event will win a prize.

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