How do I run a leaderboard competition?

Leaderboard competitions can be a great way to encourage engagement through the App. The leaderboard and points can be enhanced when coupled with other Elements such as Lead Capture and other Attendee Connect features. By allowing attendees to earn points in a variety of ways, the leaderboard competition can be kept interesting and engaging.

To setup a leaderboard competition

  1. Enable points 
  2. Configure point allocations 
  3. Create default achievements 
  4. List point allocations in the App
  5. List any prizes in the App (see below)
  6. Add Leaderboard and Achievements icon to Main Menu 

List prizes in the App

The following copy and formatting can be used to talk about any prizes you may wish to award attendees who earn the most points. The list of point allocations can also be added to this copy.

=1=Points & Achievements
To make your way up the leaderboard and win one of our awesome prizes, you'll need to get as many points and achievements as possible.
Being scanned by an exhibitor or posting a status on the activity feed. Using the app will get you points - the more exhibitors you visit and the more you use the app, the more points you'll get!
Achievements are unlocked when you perform an action multiple times (e.g. send 10 private messages). How many can you earn?
Earn as many points as you can before <insert end leaderboard competition date and time>. The attendees at the top of leaderboard will be in the running to win one of the following prizes. Winners will be announced via an in-app notification and individually contacted by the organiser as applicable.

=b=First Prize
<insert first prize here>

=b=Second Prize
<insert second prize here>

=b=Third Prize
<insert third prize here>