Starting Your Core Project

Once you have confirmed your event technology requirements it’s time to start building your Project in the Core!

How to get started:

  1. Contact your Distributor to obtain Core login details for your project
  2. Refer to the below guide to help you on your way
  3. For full Element and feature setup guides search “Setup” in the Knowledge Base

Quick guide: Suggested steps and help articles to build your project

1) Design

Suggested articles:

  • Design Overview
  • Design to Templates
  • Upload Design Assets 

2) Profile Requirements

Suggested articles:

  • Profile Overview
  • Profile Considerations
  • Setup Profiles

3) Badge Template Creation

Suggested articles:

  • Badge Design Process
  • Create a New Badge Template

4) Content

Suggested articles:

  • Create Pages
  • Manage Pages
  • Format Pages

5) Schedule Builder

Suggested articles:

  • Schedule Builder Features
  • Create a Simple Schedule
  • Quick Tips to Enhance Your Schedule Appearance

6) App Features

Suggested articles:

  • Confirm App features
  • App Appearance
  • App Main Menu
  • Configure App Features

7) Attendee Connect

Suggested articles:

  • Attendee Connect Overview
  • Configure Attendee Connect Features

8) Attendance Tracking

Suggested articles:

  • Attendance Tracking Overview
  • Use the Track app

9) Kiosk Manager

Suggested articles:

  • Kiosk Manager Overview
  • Setup Kiosk Manager
  • Kiosk Companion

10) Load Attendees

Suggested articles:

  • Use the Basic Profile Import Template
  • Create and Restore Snapshot Profiles
  • Manually Create or Delete a Profile

11) Lead Capture 

Suggested articles:

  • Lead Capture Overview
  • Activate the Capture Update
  • Use the Capture App on Exhibitor Mobile Devices

12) Communication


Attendee Information

  • App Login andFeatures

Staff Access and Support

  • Core Access for Updates
  • Kiosk Companion Access (Kiosk Manager)
  • Track App Access (Attendance Tracking)
  • Facilitator Panel Access (Interactive Sessions)

Speaker Information

  • Live Polling, Discussion and Q&A (Interactive Sessions)

Exhibitor Information

  • Capture App Access (Lead Capture)

13) Badge Printing 

Suggested articles:

  • Generate Badges
  • Print Badges on Demand From Profiles
  • Configure Badge Settings


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