Entegy CMS Overview

What is the Entegy CMS?
The Entegy CMS (F.K.A: Entegy Core) is the single Content Management System (CMS) used to build and configure your Entegy Suite products and Elements. For example, you can manage all your event App content, attendee profiles and chosen Elements from the CMS.

Additionally, the CMS enables you to analyse and export event stats and data.

Projects in the CMS
Each event is set up as a Project in the CMS and can include some or all Suite products and Elements. Projects are created and edited by CMS Users.

CMS Users
CMS Users can be granted different permission levels depending on their job requirements. For example, permission may be granted to access an entire project or just specific tasks within a project.

Navigating the CMS
The CMS interface is split into three main areas:

  • The Header Bar
  • The Navigation Menu; and
  • The Configuration Panel

The Header Bar

The Header Bar contains the following features:

  • Search function - Search for any of your projects or assigned users.
  • User Account - Update your user profile details, reset your password or log out
  • Bugs and Feedback - Submit feedback, product suggestions or bugs in the CMS
  • Knowledge Base - Access support articles in the Knowledge Base
  • Support Request - Submit a support request and one of our support team will be in contact to help


The Navigation Menu

The Navigation Menu is divided into two sections: CMS and Elements.

The CMS section provides control over your whole project, including:

  • Project Dashboard View all important stats and data for your project at a glance
  • Content Upload and manage content for your event
  • Profiles Upload attendee profile information and manage profile data
  • Badge Creator Create dynamic badge designs using profile data
  • Project Configuration Manage project settings

The Element section of the menu includes all the Suite Elements you have chosen for your event project and can include:

  • App
  • Store Listing
  • Attendee Connect
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Kiosk Manager
  • Lead Capture
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Registration; and
  • Campaign Manager


The Configuration Panel

Configuration Panels appear in the centre of your screen and can include additional navigation such as:

  • Tabs and drop-down menus
  • Related Help articles from the Knowledge Base; and
  • More options on the right-hand side