Manage External QR Codes [Badge Reference]

How to manage external QR Codes or barcodes

When configured correctly in the Core external QR codes or barcodes can be used with the Entegy Suite.

This may be required when name badges are printed from an external registration provider, or registration tickets with external codes are used to:

  • Print badges from a Kiosk
  • Scan for Lead Capture
  • Scan for Attendance Tracking

Before external codes can be used by the Entegy Suite, the Core must be configured to read the data format (Regex Expression) of the external code.

If you’re using an Eventbrite or iVvy Integration for your Profiles the correct Regex Expression can be selected from a drop-down menu in the Core.

If you are importing your Profiles from another system you must manually configure the Regex Expression for the external code.

Once configured in the Core external codes will be recognised by the Entegy Suite, alongside any Core generated QR codes.

To configure your external code in the Core:

  1. Navigate to Badge Creator > Settings > Advanced from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the appropriate Regex Expression
  3. If you have selected Custom complete the regex rule to match the format of your barcode data.

If you are unable to confirm the regex rule for your data Entegy Labs will be able to write one for you.

When a custom Regex Expression has been configured the external code data needs to be imported into the Core.

To import external code data into the Core:

When importing your profile data, ensure the column containing the badge reference is assigned the ‘QR Code’ option from the Core Field name drop-down.

When external code data is successfully imported into the Core it will display in an attendee’s profile data as their Badge Reference.

Here is an example of a Badge Reference from an imported external code:

  • EventsAIR - 101,9F701EB4-2C30-405C-B962-134FD1F06FD9,5374C2A1-7EA6-4916-B3C3-B1F18D7DADA5