Archive - What is the best way to use display rules with your layers for badges?



Each item on a badge is referred to as a layer. These layers can be moved to show in a certain order. Display Rules control layer visibility based on profile types and fields. To simplify badge design and generation, it is recommended to use display rules with your layers.

Best way to utilise display rules

Display rules can be created to either show or hide, or display different data or custom colours depending on profile information. When using kiosks, and printing badges in bulk pre-event, it is recommended to have one single flexible badge design that can accommodate design changes based on profile fields and types.

Common Badge Layers

PDF Background

If you are designing the base of your badge in an external program such as InDesign or Photoshop, it is best to export the design elements as a single PDF, and upload it as a PDF background. These PDF backgrounds might have slight changes based on attendee type, and can be set to show or hide to reflect this.

For example you may have a different PDF background for each profile type with different colours or design elements to set that profile type apart from the others. Each PDF background will need to be set up as a new layer and then set to show for the relevant profile type.

QR Code

QR Codes are common to have on badges, but if, for example you want to have staff badges without QR codes, these can be turned off for certain profile types or fields.

Name Field and Profile Type (text box)

The text field for first and last name will fill in automatically based on profile information. For blank badges that will not require a first or last name, this field can be set to hide.

For example, blank badges will still require a profile set up in the Core for a badge to print. The name for this profile can be removed as to not appear on the badge, but other information can be visible.

Profile Type is often displayed on the badges to differentiate groups of attendees. The profile type field will pull automatically from the type selected in the delegate’s profile (not user selectable). This text cannot be changed to display differently on badges, but can be shown/hidden based on profile type/field.

Coloured Strip (if not part of background)

Coloured strips across the badge are commonly setup to help differentiate between attendee types. The colour of this strip can be set individually based on profile type or field, ensuring each profile type or field can have a unique colour, if required.

For example, your Exhibitor and Speaker badges have the same design, but you will need to easily differentiate between both groups on the day. Exhibitor badges may be blue, whereas Speaker badges are green.