Setup Interactive Sessions Standalone

The Interactive Sessions Standalone App is only required for projects that don't have the App Element. With the App Element, the Interactive Sessions Element works in conjunction with your event App.

1) Create your project 

  1. Contact your Entegy Distributor

2) Design Display Screen

3) Configure project

  1. Configure agenda
  2. Upload documents
  3. Configure about page
  4. Configure Push Notifications

4) Setup Interactive Sessions features

  1. Setup Audience Polling
  2. Setup Live Discussion
  3. Setup Submitted Questions

5) Do you want to track who is participating and use demographic data for polling results?

Note: Live polling responses can only be submitted once per question per attendee device.

YES - Profile login required

Attendee Profiles will need to be added to the Core 

Manage App privacy options 

  • Ensure App set to ‘Profile Login’

Manage login and authentication settings 

  • Ensure ‘Show Privacy Settings on First Login’ set to No

NO - Public Access, no login required

Setup App with public access 

6) Create an Interactive Sessions user account

7) Test

8) Communication