What do attendees and facilitators need to know about Interactive Sessions?

To ensure your Interactive Sessions run smoothly on the day, you might need to communicate to your speakers, facilitators or onsite AV how to manage Interactive Sessions. Below is a list of facilitator guides to help step someone through the process of managing Interactive Sessions onsite.

Attendees may also require some information about Interactive Sessions including what it is, how they can participate, and possibly how they can login into the App etc. Find below some things you might like to consider when communicating with attendees about Interactive Sessions.

Facilitator guides

It is important to communicate with your facilitators and speakers to ensure they understand how to use Interactive Sessions onsite. Below are some facilitator guides to explain how to use each Interactive Sessions feature.

Access interactive sessions at your event 
Manage multiple Interactive Sessions through the Control Panel. The Control Panel houses links to the individual Facilitator Dashboards and Display Screens for each session.

Using the Facilitator Dashboard 
Learn how to use the Facilitator Dashboard to manage and control your sessions. The Facilitator Dashboard is the powerhouse for your Interactive Sessions and is the only place to enable, manage and utilise all features.

Audience Polling
Manage your Audience Polling through pre-populating questions pre-event, posing questions on-the-fly, or generating questions from Live Discussion and Submitted Questions. Push questions and results to the display screen to encourage further attendee engagement.

Live Discussion 
Live Discussion creates an in-app social feed specific to a session. Comments from this discussion feed can be pushed to display screens and bookmarked for special action.

Submitted Questions 
Submitted Questions allow attendees to submit questions which are moderated before they are seen by other audience members. Bookmarked questions can then by pushed to the display screen to be addressed by the speaker or turned into a live polling question for the audience.

How to manage Audience Display Screen 
The Audience Display Screen can be used to show Audience Polling questions and results, show Live Discussion comments or Submitted Questions. It can also be used to display custom messages or act as a holding screen to use during a session.

Communication to attendees

We know it’s important to keep your attendees in the loop. Here are some things to keep in mind when sending communication to your attendees:

  • Are you having a dedicated Interactive Sessions icon on your main menu?
    • If not, attendees can access the Interactive Session features through the schedule
    • How are you going to communicate this to your attendees?
  • What do my attendees need to know?
    • App login details (if required)
    • What features are available (Live Polling, Submitted Questions and Live Discussion)
    • How they can participate in the relevant features
    • Where to access Interactive Sessions (Main Menu icon or in the schedule)
  • Are you using Live Discussion?
    • Your attendees will need to be logged into the app and will require login details
  • How are you going to let you attendees know about Interactive Sessions?
    • A presentation slide with basic instructions?
    • A page in the event App detailing what Interactive Sessions is and how to participate?
    • Physical advertisements like flyers or posters?
    • A push notification in the event App?