What do attendees and exhibitors need to know about Lead Capture?

To ensure Lead Capture runs smoothly during your event, you may need to communicate to your exhibitors how to use Lead Capture, and to your attendees, so they know how it will work on the day. Below is a list of guides and templates to aid exhibitors using the Capture app, and attendees to explain why exhibitors are scanning them.

Exhibitor guides

Some simple mail merge word document templates have been created to make it easy to communicate to exhibitors how to access and use the Capture App. Once the fields in the template have been merged, these documents can be printed and placed on exhibitor booths ready for the event, or distributed to exhibitors pre-event.

Depending on how your exhibitors will be logging into the Capture app, choose the appropriate template below: 

Exhibitor code template for exhibitor signup

Exhibitors who have not pre-registered and don’t have a profile in the Core will access the Capture app through a signup form. Exhibitors will need to be provided their unique exhibitor code and prompted to fill out the signup form.

Exhibitor code template for access code
Exhibitors with their own profile in the Core can access the Capture app by using their personal access details (the same as the event App, if applicable). Exhibitors may need to be reminded what these access details are.

Attendee Communication

We know it’s important to keep your attendees in the loop. Below is a template to create your own attendee flyer about Lead Capture.

Read this first 
This document contains some basic information on how to get the most out of your template. Please read this before making edits to the template below.

Attendee Flyer for Lead Capture 
This template is a basic flyer to explain to attendees how Lead Capture works and why exhibitors are wanting to scan their badges, rather than take down their information.